Electronic Music by John Holland  (4:07)

(recorded segments include various pulsars recorded by radio telescopes, original percussion sequences, and electronically generated sounds) (2005)

Pulsars are neutron stars that rotate at extremely regular intervals. The piece begins with the sound of a pulsar. In general, pulsars are louder than the other sounds throughout, and can generally be recognized by their regular beating. Toward the end of the piece, a composite of different pulsars can be heard blending into and out of one another. Pulsars consist of regular beats, the percussion track is made up of irregular beats, and the electronic sound track contains both regular and irregular rhythms. In fact, musical rhythms of every kind are composed of either regular or irregular beats, or a combination of both. Sequences of pulsars, percussion, and electronic sounds were separated by silences, equal to the lengths of the segments, and reordered in random sequence.